Bold Hair Change

No season brings out the bolder side of beauty like summer. There’s something about this fun, casual season that makes us want to embrace a sassier look. Summer’s laid-back vibe allows for plenty of room to experiment and turn a few heads, so why not start with a daring new hairstyle?

Keep Your Nails in Top Shape This Summer

Summer may be great for your spirits, but your nails can’t say the same. Follow these tips to keep your nails in top shape and put the “cute” back in cuticles.

Summer Hair Care in One Word: Redken

Intense sunshine and Florida’s famous humidity can ruin your look and even damage your hair without the right products. No one knows this better than the folks at Redken, who have come out with a line of products uniquely formulated for summer hair care.

Girls' Weekend

It’s time to start getting ready for your weekend getaway with the girl squad. Here are some tips to help plan and prep for an unforgettable girls’ weekend.