valentine's hair imageCupid, set your sights right here. We’re gearing up for February 14 by finding the sexiest, sweetest and simplest styles for every type of love story. Ahead, we’ve whittled down the options to three of our faves, so you can get to your date without any humdrum hair drama.

The Date: A Swanky Dinner
The Style: Half-Up Waves

Sleek updo? Not this time. Offset the elegance of that five-star dinner with a voluminous style that feels just sultry enough. Curl your hair quickly with a barrel iron – you’re looking for texture rather than perfection – and then flip your head over to loosen the curls with your fingers. Sweep the front sections back just above your ears, secure with a pin, and lightly tease the rest of your hair to give it a perfectly piece-y oomph. Those long-stemmed roses have nothing on this.

The Date: An Outdoor Adventure
The Style: Pulled-Apart Side Braid

Ice-skating rinks and tucked-away beaches were basically made for laidback romance, but even the most casual ‘dos can keep the flirt factor going strong. This simple braid plays up the holiday’s sweeter side without going too far into fussy territory. Tease your tresses to lock in volume, braid to one side, and gently pull apart the weaving. The result is effortless and undone: exactly the playful vibe you want for an active date.

The Date: A V-Day Dance Class
The Style: Romantic Bun

A little salsa or merengue kicks the passion up a notch, so you’ll want a style that lets you spin around the room without losing your cool. Give this classic dancer ‘do your own romantic remix by leaving some of the front layer loose before twisting your hair into a semi-low bun. Use foam rollers or a large curling iron to give the loose pieces some movement, and then slip on those dancing shoes for the ultimate Ginger Rogers moment.

Want a few personalized ideas? Book a session with one of our stylists to uncover the style that’ll send your valentine swooning.