Catapult yourself out of the doldrums this winter by mixing it up with your hair color. What we love the most about winter is the open invitation to go as dark or dramatic as you want. Although, if that’s not what you’re into, some soft highlights can brighten up your color and your mood in no time. Here are four winter hair colors that are to dye for:

Chestnut (Not the Roasting-on-an-Open Fire Kind)

To get the chestnut look, have your stylist start with a warm brown as a base. Next, add in caramel and honey painted highlights to frame your face. The highlights only need to go back about an inch from the hairline to get a stunning effect. This hair color is ideal for cool skin tones.

Bronde: Puts the “In” in Indecision

Can’t make up your mind between blonde and brunette? As it turns out, you don’t have to. In fact, hair color ambiguity is all the rage this winter. You’ve probably already seen this look done in an ombré style on several celebs — Cara Delevingne, Sarah Hyland, Blake Lively and some of the Kardashians, just to name a few.

To get the look, ask your stylist to blend a light brunette with buttery and caramel hues. And voilà, you’re a bronde! Just don’t try convincing the DMV that it is a legit hair color for your driver’s license — you may be bronde, but you’re not legally bronde!

Seeing Red: From Ron-Burgundy Red to Fire-Engine

The dreary winter landscape provides the perfect opportunity to infuse a shock of color into your look. Reds are super hot this winter, from golden strawberry (think Jessica Chastain) to burgundy (we saw this on Ri-Ri recently). While rad reds are ideal for cool-toned skin tones, remember there’s an exception to every rule. Other skin tones can pull off these shocking reds by simply adjusting the boldness and warmth/coolness of the hair dye.

Icy Blonde, a la Elsa

Just when you’d gotten “Let It Go” out of your head after singing it to yourself for six months straight, we go and bring up “Frozen.” But what better way to nod to Old Man Winter than an ice-cold blonde that channels your inner Elsa? The great thing about this hair color is that it flatters most skin tones. However, because these color styles usually require a double process, ladies with lighter locks make better candidates.

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Image provided by Thinkstock