You’ve got Sunday’s brunch plans all prepped, but one little detail is still lingering on the Mother’s Day to-do list: a completely unique, totally perfect gift. Ahead, we look at four present picks that feel less standard than jewelry and flowers – and they all add that extra bit of “I love you, Mom” into the mix.

1. A mother-daughter spa day

If your mom’s anything like ours, she’s always in the mood for an afternoon of major quality time. Top it off with some super-relaxing spa treatments – think one-hour sugar scrubs and soothing paraffin hand dips – and you’ve got a recipe for basically the best gift ever.

2. A pampering mani-pedi

Mom may swear by that ballerina-pink polish she’s been sporting since 1991, but there’s something about an expert touch that makes it all the more special. Book her for an ultra-luxurious manicure and pedicure, and her next polish change will feel like a five-star experience.

3. A month of massages

This one’s ideal for a group gift. Chip in with your siblings – and even Dad! – to schedule an entire month of stress-melting massages. Whether you go the one-per-week route or choose a variety of treatments spaced slightly further apart, your mom will definitely appreciate the escape-from-it-all breaks.

4. Anything she wants

Sometimes it’s just easier to let Mom call the shots. Enter one of our ever-effortless gift certificates. Far from being an afterthought, these perfect presents let Mom choose the spa experiences that best suit her style, so she’ll get to indulge in whatever makes her happiest. Trust us: Tuck it into a gorgeous card, and she’ll be singing your praises just a little more loudly than usual.

Need more Mother’s Day inspiration? Peek into Bella Vita to chat with one of our experts, and we’ll help you track down the ideal gift for the most important person in your life.