Google “curling irons,” and you’ll get about 1.19 million results. If you’re just looking for a little guidance, that’s a bit much! Let us help.

Is a Curling Wand a Piece of Harry Potter Memorabilia?

Curling wands — their name alone is pretty intriguing. Are they a sorcery tool? Those little squeegee things people use on the ice during Olympic curling?

Simply put, curling wands are curling irons without the little clamp thingy. They are also usually tapered, so you can get curls of different sizes based on where you wrap your hair. Beginners should definitely use a glove with wands — most wands include one. Who wouldn’t want to look like The Gloved One while getting ready in the morning? What a thrill[er]!

Curling wands are great if you want flexibility from your styling tool. You can choose exactly how large you want your curls. Also, no clamp means you won’t have that weird crimp in your hair that some irons leave.

Bringing out the Big Guns for Thick Hair

If your hair is thick and generally unruly, big-barrel curling irons are your go-to taming tool. Ideally, you want a titanium iron. Titanium is a crazy heat conductor, which helps lock your curls in place so they don’t fall. Even better, titanium protects your hair by locking in moisture. Voila, no more frizz!

Ride the Waves

A bubble curling iron is a godsend if you want the wavy look. Depending on how far apart the bubbles are spaced, you can get anything from loose waves to huge — or, as The Donald says, “UUUUUUUUUGE” — waves.

Shirley Temple Ringlets

For distinct, tight ringlets — we’ve seen this look on TayTay Swift and Shakira more than once — go with a curling iron like the Conair Infiniti Pro Curl Secret. Word of caution: you’ll think it looks enough like a weapon to possibly alarm the folks at TSA. But we promise, it’s actually a lifesaver! This odd-looking iron has two temperature settings and three options for time (eight, ten, or 12 seconds). Longer times=tighter curls.

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