Florida’s weather is the envy of the country…most of the time. It’s hard to complain about sunny skies and endless coastline, we’ll admit. But then July and August hit. The average humidity levels toward the end of our summer’s top 90 percent, which leaves our hair looking like something out of the Lion King musical.

But you don’t have to let frizz get the best of you. Here are our favorite tips and tricks to protect your hair against humidity.

Keep Moisture in to Keep Moisture Out

That makes no sense, right? Let us explain. The dryer your hair is, the more it will lust after and soak up the moisture in the air. The result is the dreaded frizz-ball look. By keeping your hair moisturized, you’ll prevent outside moisture from easily seeping in.

To do this, use an ultra-moisturizing shampoo and conditioner. Then, when your hair is damp — not wet — apply a serum or oil to it to lock in that moisture. Finally, blow dry your hair with a boar-bristle brush, pointing the hair dryer down toward your ends. Finish with a shot of cool air to seal the hair cuticle.

Care a Ton with Keratin Treatments

If humidity-proofing your hair every day is too time-consuming to be plausible, you can opt for a longer-lasting solution. Keratin smoothing and straightening treatments are chemical-free and use a protein that naturally occurs in our hair. Your stylist infuses your hair with keratin and then seals it in with a straightening iron.

A keratin smoothing treatment can reduce drying time and frizz by at least half for two to four months. Unlike a Brazilian blowout, a keratin treatment doesn’t use harsh chemicals or alter the natural makeup of your hair. It’s all-natural, inexpensive, and effective.

Ready to arm your hair with the secret weapon against humidity? Make an appointment with us for a frizz-stopping keratin straightening treatment.,/p>

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