Extend the life of your color imageThat moment when you walk out of a salon with the richest, deepest, most vibrant color ever? It doesn’t have to fade in a matter of weeks. In fact, all it takes to keep your hair’s hue in perfect condition is a maintenance routine that takes color into consideration. Here, we look at what you should be doing — and absolutely not doing — between treatments.

Do use products for color-treated hair.

They’re specially formulated for a reason. Common ingredients like alcohol can strip the color out of your hair over time, giving you way fewer weeks with that head-turning shade. If a product’s not designed for color-treated hair, put it back on the shelf.

Don’t go crazy with the shampooing.

Even super-hydrating formulas can send your color into a fading spiral. Give yourself an extra day between washes, and tackle any excess oil with a dry shampoo. Trust us: It might feel weird for the first week, but it’ll keep that color in tip-top shape.

Do invest in a hair sunscreen.

We’re sure that you have naturally blonde friends who go positively platinum in the summer. That’s due primarily to ultraviolet rays — and the exact same process can give your faux shade a shorter lifespan. Invest in a high-quality hair sunscreen to combat the effects when you’re spending time outside.

Don’t stand around in direct sunlight.

We get it: The weather’s finally on its way to perfect, and you’re more than ready to stake out your spot in the sand. Feel free to spend an entire weekend lounging on the beach, but make sure to keep your head covered; too much sunlight dries out your locks and causes color to fade faster than you can say surf’s up.

Do dig into deep conditioners.

Dryness is the ultimate enemy of a long-lasting shade. Color-treated tresses are already at a moisture disadvantage, so give yourself a deep-conditioning treatment once or twice a week. Not only will you benefit from richer color, but you’ll also get a boost in the shine department.

Don’t ruin the effects in the rinse.

Sure, you’ve got to get those conditioners out somehow, but try to avoid spending hours under the shower stream. Water is among the biggest culprits when it comes to early color fades, so it’s crucial to keep your hair from drowning. Stand under the spray only when you’re rinsing, and try to keep the temperature on the cooler side of warm.

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