At a loss on what to get that one girlfriend on your list who already has everything? Give those impossible-to-shop-for friends and relatives something different this holiday season: the gift of radiant skin! Bella Vita has a wide range of exfoliating treatments that can restore skin’s glow and take years off the face.

Never Mind What TLC Says, You DO Want Scrubs!

You’ve probably heard of exfoliating scrubs before, but maybe you don’t understand what all the fuss is about. We’ll break it down for you. Right now, as you’re reading this, your skin is shedding like crazy. We know — “Ew.”

It gets worse…sometimes those dead skin cells decide to just chill on top of your skin rather than fall off. The result is dull-looking skin and clogged pores. What exfoliating scrubs do, whether on your face or your body, is gently slough off that top layer of dead skin.

What’s underneath is as exciting as the big reveal on those extreme weight-loss shows — a brand new, younger, glowing you! Exfoliation allows the newer, brighter, and healthier skin underneath to shine through, and the results are incredible.

Yeah, Scrubs can do That

Fresher-looking skin is only one of the many benefits of exfoliating scrubs. The scrubbing action also boosts your circulation, improving the blood and oxygen supply to the skin’s surface. You’ll also notice that your skin is more hydrated and your makeup and spray tan goes on more smoothly.

You’d really have to be a Scrooge not to want to look in your stocking and find the gift of more beautiful skin. So what better gift than one of our exfoliating body or facial treatments for your BFFs? A gift card to the salon will let the people on your list choose the exfoliating scrub that’s right for them.

Ready to schedule an exfoliating treatment for the diva on your list? We can also help you buy a gift card, if you’d prefer. Contact us today!

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