If you’ve been putting off that facial for months now, stop what you’re doing. Despite the sometimes chi-chi reputation, these skin-clearing wonders aren’t just luxuries; they’re an unbelievable way to keep your face in tip-top shape no matter your age. Still need convincing? Here, we penned a little love letter to our skin’s ultimate BFF.

First of all, they’re unbelievably relaxing.

Sure, high-quality facials have loads of skin-loving benefits, but the relaxation pros are a big deal too. When was the last time you spent an afternoon getting pampered in a spa-like atmosphere and still felt stressed out? If you’re anything like us, the answer is never.

They also make problem pores a thing of the past.

Blackheads and blemishes are a direct result of clogged pores, so keeping ‘em clear is the best way to fight any unwanted skin issues. Multivitamin facials draw impurities out of your pores, leaving you with a clean base and radiant glow. Plus, the more often you remove pore build-up, the more consistently fresh your skin will look. Flawless face, party of you.

The anti-aging benefits are major.

Not only do exfoliating and hydrating facials keep your skin from breaking out, but they also remove the dead cells that all too often add years to your face. Once you slough away that dryness, you’ll be left with a youthful appearance that begs to be shown off. Put away the heavy foundations and concealers; your skin’s the star of the show here.

And the botanicals are so soothing.

When you sit down for a first-class facial, you’ll be treated to products that use natural ingredients to calm and soothe your skin. The result is a clearer countenance without any of the irritating chemicals that cause redness and stinging.

Basically, facials are like mini-vacations.

Your pores get a break from all that excess dirt and oil. You get a break from the daily grind. We love a win-win situation, so this one’s right up our alley.

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