It’s hard to judge a facial by its name. Do you have to be Princess Kate to get a European facial? And what in the world is an executive facial? Is that what Donald Trump gets at the same place that does his comb-over?

Every facial offers unique treatments, durations, and benefits. Here are some tips to help you decide which one is right for your unique face.

The European Facial, or, as the Europeans call it, ‘a Facial’

This is a classic facial. And, no, you don’t have to crash with the Brangelinas at Château Miraval to get one. A European facial deeply cleanses and smooths your face and neck. The goal is simple: to improve the health, feel, and look of your skin.

The process begins with cleansing and exfoliation to purge those dead skin cells. Next, the aesthetician will steam your face to clean out your pores. If you’re really OCD about the cleanliness of your pores, you can usually opt for an extraction process. That cleanses your pores even more deeply but can leave you red for a few days.

The best part is next — a relaxing face and neck massage. Your aesthetician will finish up with a hydrating mask for your skin type, and you’ll be on your way.

For the Gal (or Guy) on the Go: The Executive

“Executive” is an important-sounding name for what is simply a shorter version of the European. Are you the kind of person who returns phone calls on the morning commute? Powers through emails while watching Jimmy at night?

To our consummate multi-taskers out there, the executive facial is a dream come true. You get most of the treatments involved with a European but in about 25-45 minutes. You can also direct the aesthetician to focus on your individual needs or problem areas. This facial is all about efficient radiance.

Multivitamin Facial: For Those Wize(ned) beyond Their Years

This is ideal for ladies whose skin does an annoying Benjamin Button thing — it looks ravaged by premature aging even though you’re still young. The multivitamin facial delivers a strong dose of skin-repairing nutrients to heal damaged skin. In about an hour, a multivitamin facial will noticeably boost your skin’s tone, texture, and elasticity.

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