Do your eyebrows make you feel like a bear hibernating for winter? While you might not be at the beach as much in the winter, the warm Miami climate means people are always out and about. Winter is not a time to slack on your typical beauty routine — and that includes getting your eyebrows treated.

There’s a delicate balance for eyebrow maintenance. A lot of people like to rock thicker eyebrows, but that doesn’t mean you can stop grooming them. Follow this guide to make sure your eyebrows look professional, but not overworked.

Why Should You Choose Waxing?

There are two popular options to choose from when it comes to maintaining your eyebrows: waxing and plucking. Both of these techniques work to remove the hair follicle below the surface, which means it will take much longer to grow back than with shaving.

However, there is one important difference between both methods: waxing removes all of the problem hairs at once, while plucking requires you to remove them one at a time. Many women prefer to wax their eyebrows because the process only takes a few minutes and the pain subsides quickly after.

How Often Should You Wax Your Eyebrows?

Most professional recommend getting your eyebrows shaped or waxed every three to four weeks, depending on how thick your brows are and how fast your hair grows. You might need to get them done every two weeks if you have thick, fast growing hair.

Most women both wax and pluck their eyebrows to keep them sculpted. They might pluck a few stray hairs every few days, and then go in for a wax when your brows start looking a little too bushy.

How to Prevent Bumps and Irritation?

Some women deal with irritated skin with bumps or pimples that form after having their eyebrows treated. These bumps can be incredibly uncomfortable and unsightly, but fortunately, they’re also preventable.

When you pluck, make sure you’re using a clean pair of tweezers and try to avoid touching your skin right after the hair is removed. You can also invest in a clarifying mask or cleansing toner to remove oils and soothe the skin around your brows. If you are prone to pimples or irritation, mention your skin sensitivity to your stylist and they will recommend personalized products or treatments based on your needs.

The eyes are the windows to the soul, but your eyebrows make your first impression. Don’t turn people away by over-plucked or overgrown brows by following this set regiment. Make an appointment today for eyebrow waxing or consultation.

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