Halloween is a great time to break out of your shell and try out some spooky nails! From classic candy corn to intricate character creations, we’ve got you covered to impress at your next Halloween party or scary event. Check out these four trends for 2016 to get your nailspiration going.

Suicide Squad Nails

Harley Quinn is one of the go-to Halloween characters this year, with ladies across the country grabbing their baseball bats and putting their hair in multi-colored pigtails. This trend also extends beyond costumes on Halloween night, with Suicide Squad nails arriving as the perfect trend for October.

Depending on your style, paint each of your nails a different character — including Batman and the Joker — or simply embrace Harley’s colors and opt for soft blues and pinks to match your hair. This is great if you still need to look professional in the week leading up to Halloween.

Sugar Skull Designs

Day of the Dead theming continues to be popular this year, and you can expect homes to be decorated with bright flowers and powerful skulls. To match these sugar skulls, consider adding stickers to your nails or adding an intricate paint design to each one. Sugar skulls require a lot of detail, so you will want an expert handling the nail polish, even if you are an experienced artist.

Classic Candy Corn

If you’re looking for an easy look that will last, consider giving your nails the candy corn treatment. Start with a yellow bottom coat, followed by an orange coat that stops two-thirds down, and then a white coat at the tips. This style doesn’t require the precision of a Harley Quinn or Sugar Skull nail, which means it’s easy to create on-the-go.

If you want to update the candy corn style for 2016, use gold nail polish instead of yellow, or choose colors that have glitter to give your nails an extra pop.

Dripping Blood Nails

Neutral colors have been on trend for almost all of 2016, so why not give them a Halloween twist? Paint your nails a light beige or cream as a base, and then grab a dark red to paint deep blood drips running down the front. For once, it’s okay if your nail polish runs, as it will only give your nails a more gruesome look!

Whether you’re going for a scary look or fun creation, let us get your nails ready for Halloween! Call Bella Vita today to book your next spooky appointment.

Image provided by Thinkstock