spring skincare guide imageSee you later, winter doldrums. We’re getting ready for the season ahead with a skincare regime that springs into beauty. Take a look at the tips below to put your best face forward as the temps start to climb.

Step One: Rebuild

Winter does a number on even the healthiest skin. Here’s how to combat the dry and flaky damage.

• Say goodbye to dead skin with an exfoliating facial designed to slough away cells, diminish fine lines and uncover radiant texture.

• Use a skin-restoring moisturizer for several weeks to repair any irritation caused by winter’s chill. You won’t need this forever; we’re looking for damage control here.

• Stick to gentle purifying cleansers while you’re rebuilding your skin; you don’t want to cause additional irritation by overdoing it with harsh chemicals.

Step Two: Refresh

Spring is all about embracing the possibilities. Use these ideas to brighten up your skincare routine.

• That closet isn’t the only thing that needs a spring cleaning. Get rid of any products that have worn out their welcome. Body lotions and sunscreens can last a year or beyond — check the packaging for an expiration date — but eye creams should go after three months.

• Start transitioning to a lighter moisturizer with a higher SPF; you’ll need this to battle both excess oil production and brighter days.

• Consider swapping your heavy foundation for a tinted BB cream that casts an especially gorgeous glow. You’ll get a fresh, glossy look without feeling buried under an extra layer of makeup.

Step Three: Renew

Once you’ve shed the cold-weather blues, it’s time to make some ongoing changes. These are a few of our favorite spring things:

• Use a foaming cleanser both morning and night to remove makeup and dirt without stripping away essential oils. Lighter is better, but look for a moisturizing option if you’re prone to dry skin.

• Adopt an exfoliation routine that keeps your skin bright well into summer. We like using an at-home product two times a week to complement the number of professional treatments that your specialist recommends.

• Spray away any winter paleness with a tanning treatment. It’s the best way to pre-game that seasonal glow.

Need more tips and tricks for your specific skin type? Schedule a one-on-one consultation with the skincare specialists at Bella Vita.