French Twist

There are two different types of holiday parties. There are the obligatory ones, like the low-key, family get-together at Grandma Edna’s. These kinds of parties — and we use the term loosely here — usually calls for a conservative and proper look.

Then you have the parties you look forward to all year long. For these festive occasions, you need a more daring, glamorous look. No matter what kind of party you’re prepping for — naughty or nice — these suggestions will give you inspiration.

Naughty: The French Twist

Depending on what you’re wearing, the French twist could go on either the naughty or nice list. On the one hand, it’s a classic, elegant look that never goes out of style. On the other hand, it’s drop-dead sexy when paired with the right dress.

To get the look, sweep your hair to the side with your non-dominant hand and put a bobby pin in the bottom vertically. Now create a row of bobby pins going up your head in a crisscross pattern. Next, twist your hair up tightly with one hand and place bobby pins horizontally at the base. Go for a messy-chic arrangement with the ends and lightly spray into place.

Nice: The Side ‘Do

Asymmetrical hair is all the rage right now, and the side ‘do is a party-ready nod to that trend. Start by pulling your hair into a ponytail and backcombing it for texture. Now wrap it into a loose, off-center bun, secure with bobby pins, and spray.

Naughty: The Frisky Fishtail

Thanks to the universal hotness of Katniss Everdeen, over-the-shoulder braids are catching fire. Go with a flirtatious version of the look with a fishtail braid. The key to getting a red-carpet-worthy fishtail is to keep the outer pieces you cross with other sections small.

Nice: Adele-Like, Cascading Curls

Always loved Adele’s retro hairstyle? Well, say “Hello” to your next holiday party look. To get “The Adele,” create the curls with a 1.25”-barrel curling iron. Next, tease your hair at the crown and the sides with a fine-tooth comb. Finally, pull back a wide section of your hair at the top center—being careful not to flatten it—and hold it in place with two bobby pins. Rumor has it you’ll be the belle of the holiday ball.

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