Whether you’re traveling to spend the Holidays with family this year or just hanging out with friends, it’s time to pick the perfect hairstyle to dress the turkey and deck the halls. After all, you don’t want to look back at this Christmas and wonder what you were thinking with that ‘do — there are plenty of photos from the 80’s for that. Before you head to the salon, check out our top recommendations for amazing holiday hair this season.

Add Sparkle With Pins and Clips

Don’t worry, butterfly clips aren’t back in style. Of all past looks that are back on trend (from choker necklaces to dark lips) butterfly clips still haven’t seen their fashionable return. However, large clips and accessories with a lot of glitter have.

If you’re stressed out this season and can’t manage anything more than a clean bun to wear to a party or get together, grab a clip and dress it up with some shine. They can either be pins that hold the hair up or festive add-ons that serve to add some sparkle.

Every Woman Looks Great in a Braid

The key to rocking a braid is to find exactly what styles compliment your hair. Try a messy braid that’s thrown together at the last minute (and tamed with a sparkly clip) or a clean and simple braid that pulls your hair back to reveal your gorgeous face underneath your hair.

While braids might be popular now, they rarely go out of style, which means you should still be happy with the look when you see photos years later in family photo albums or Facebook Timehop posts.

Go a Shade Darker for Winter

If you’re trying to decide how you should dye your hair for winter, consider going a shade darker than you normally would for the holiday season. With all the bright colors and camera flashes, it’s easy to get washed out if you have light hair and light features. The dark hair will counter any bright lights (and ugly Christmas sweaters) you plan to be around this season.

This also works with popular makeup trends this fall. Many women are opting for dark red and purple lips, which will pair well with dark hair.

You can decide how dramatic you want your hairstyles to look this season, from a clean braid to pull your hair back to a new shade matched with sparkly pins. If you’re unsure about what look good for you, make an appointment to meet with one of our expert stylists today.

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