If you look back at photos from the 80s, you might see some hot trends that look familiar. While legwarmers still haven’t come back in fashion (we’ll let you know when they do!) there’s a wide range of styles that you can see on celebrities like Kim Kardashian, Taylor Swift, and Kerry Washington. Here are three hot 80s trends that we’re bringing back — and one that can stay out of style.

Fashion Do: Add Crop Tops to Your Wardrobe

The 80s were all about baring your belly, especially if you had a belly-button piercing you wanted to show off. Today, you can find crop tops all over, from flower print tops that remind you of Spring to low cut crop tops that look like corsets. This diversity means it’s easy to find one that flatters your body and bust size.

Fashion Do: Off the Shoulder Dresses

Off the shoulder looks can be found in dresses, tops, and even jumpsuits. They’re great if you want to highlight an accessory — like a bulky necklace or slim black choker — or keep the focus on your hair.

If you do wear an off-the-shoulder dress, let us help you style your hair. We’ll make sure you can still see the style of the dress but that the attention goes on your beautiful face and locks.

Fashion Do: Cloth Scrunchies

Can you believe celebrities are rocking scrunchies again? This is one that hairstylists are happy to have back, as cloth scrunchies tend to do less damage to your locks than the traditional bands and most people wear.

Start with a black scrunchie to hold together your bun and then expand to try different colors. Soon you might be rocking a pink ponytail holder on top of your head!

Fashion Don’t: Rock Frayed and Frizzy Hair

If there’s any fashion trend that we want to send back to history forever, it’s frizzy hair. All through the 80s, our hair was teased until it was almost crunchy! If you’re looking to get the volume of a classic 80s updo, make sure you prevent frizz by following these steps:

● Let your hair dry before blow drying it to reduce damage
● Invest in a good conditioner that will keep your hair hydrated
● Add product after you finish styling — and carry a travel-size bottle in case you need a touch-up.

We can help you rock your 80s glam look to bring back this retro style. Make an appointment today to get the perfect cut, dye, or style for your hair.

Image provided by Thinkstock