Living in Florida as a woman can be difficult. We spend hours on our hair trying to control the frizz, only to look like cotton balls shortly after stepping outside. The humidity is inescapable, and few women can maintain perfectly straight hair throughout the day. However, there is a solution. The professionals at Bella Vita Salon and Spa are reaching for Keratin to keep their client’s hair looking gorgeous long after they leave the chair.

What is Smoothing Therapy?

Traditional straightening methods break the proteins within strands of hair. This leaves the hair perfectly straight, but also weakens it and causes damage. Long-term straightening can make hair brittle and even cause split ends. The developers behind Keratin Therapy wanted to create a product that made the hair stronger while maintaining its straight shape.

How Does Hair Smoothing Work?

Instead of treating hair above the follicles, Keratin Complex penetrates to the root of the hair and strengthens the underlying bonds that keep your hair together. There is also an additional conditioning agent that pumps hair full of vitamins to keep it strong and healthy.

During the process, you can expect your stylist to end your Keratin treatment with a heat source — either a blow dryer or straightener — to lock the chemicals in. Most specialists recommend seeking Keratin treatments every six weeks, but the needed frequency depends on each client and hair type.

Will Keratin Complex and Organic Work on My Hair?

Keratin prides itself on working for all hair types. The goal of Keratin Complex and Organic is to repair hair and rebuild follicles from damage. This is a great option for people with coarse or damaged hair who are looking to return to their previously luscious locks.

How Will My Daily Routine Be Affected?

Your hair can be cut immediately after a Keratin treatment, but you should wait two weeks after your appointment. If you’re planning to color your hair before treatment, schedule the appointment two weeks prior. Keratin will also seal in your color, so many clients choose this option instead of coloring after.

Other than coloring, you can continue your normal routine following your Keratin treatment. Just make sure you’re careful about exposure to chlorine, salt water, and UV rays, as these will shorten the lifespan of the treatment process.

Are you ready to try a Keratin treatment on your curly or damaged hair? Contact Bella Vita Salon and Spa today to book an appointment and leave behind the frizzy Florida look!

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