In most parts of the country, the temperature is dropping, and the humidity is too. Ladies can leave the house without worrying about their hair getting soaked from a summer shower (or just from sweat) or turning into frizzy puff balls from humidity.

While Miami is also experiencing a break from its summer heat, frizz and humidity is still a year-round issue. Just because it’s easy to straighten your hair one day doesn’t mean it won’t get frizzy the next. Follow these tips to make sure your hair looks smooth and sleek all winter long.

Invest in Moisturizing Shampoo and Conditioner

The first place to combat frizz is in the shower. By moisturizing your hair, you’re reducing the amount of water your hair can pull from the humid atmosphere. The team at Cosmo recommends finding a brand that’s high in glycerin and sulfate free. These shampoos can penetrate deep into the hair shaft (for extra moisturizing) while adding a protective coat to lock hydration in. Our hair team can recommend a brand specific for your hair type and needs.

Air Dry As Much As Possible

All of the hydration you infuse in your hair from your shampoo and conditioner will be almost worthless if you immediately blow dry your hair after. If possible, wait until your hair is 90 percent dry before you style it with a blow dryer — especially if you’re following it with a straightener or curling iron. All of the hot air sucks the moisture that you worked to infuse, leaving your hair brittle frizzy. By air-drying, you’re reducing heat damage to your hair while maintaining optimal moisture levels.

Seal Your Hair After You Style It

Most women avoid using gels or sprays on their hair after they finish straightening it because they don’t want a stiff or overly gelled look. They want their hair to feel naturally soft, but not greasy. Consider asking one of our stylists for products that won’t weigh your hair down but will provide essential vitamins and oils to your hair after treating it. This will reduce damage caused by the heat while keeping your ends healthy. This is also a great way to prevent the horrible “dead ends” that stylists have to trim when you come in for a cut.

You can’t control the weather, but you can control how much the weather affects your hair. Make an appointment with our experts to find the right options for your frizz-free hair.

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