Summer may be great for your spirits, but your nails can’t say the same. Summer heat coupled with frequent trips to the beach or pool can wreak havoc on your nails and cuticles. To fight unsightly summer nails, you can take the Mickey-Mouse approach and walk around in gloves everywhere you go. Or you can follow these tips and put the “cute” back in cuticles.

Mellow the Yellow

Intense heat can actually cook your polish into your nails, causing them to turn a not-so-sexy, smoker’s-teeth yellow. You can fight back against baked-in color in a few ways. You can use two layers of base coat as protection or choose lighter colors in the summer. Alternatively, you can also opt for gel manicures during the warmer months. Gel manicures won’t bake in and, even better, will give your natural nail a thick layer of gel base coat to prevent it from yellowing.

Battle the Brittle

Even if you’re not prone to brittle nails, summer can easily weaken them, causing brittleness and breakage. Chlorine is a major culprit, as is air-conditioning, believe it or not. To keep your nails strong, try filing them a little shorter in the summer. Short nails are less susceptible to breakage and snagging. Also make sure your nutrition is on point. A diet with plenty of protein combined with a biotin supplement may help rehabilitate weak nails.

Make Cuticles Cute Again

Ocean and pool water will suck the moisture right out of your skin and cuticles. Make sure you moisturize them nightly to avoid hangnails and dry skin. Also don’t trim your cuticles — they’re there to prevent water from getting into your nails. And, the less water that gets into your nails, the healthier they’ll be. Instead of trimming, lather them with oil and push them back.

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