Winter and its lip-wrecking cold air are almost over. Spring is just around the corner, which means there will be love in the air instead of a chill. Warmer weather often ignites a romantic spark, and smooches are never far behind.

The right beauty regimen and well-chosen makeup are both key to getting irresistibly kissable lips. Once you implement these tips, you’ll have the kissable, come-hither lips of the likes of Liv Tyler and Mrs. A.J. Pitt.

Exfoliate and Hydrate

Exfoliating and moisturizing are essential for soft, kissable lips. Sugar is a great exfoliant that you probably already have on hand. Try combining it with another household ingredient — honey. Mix the two into a paste, apply a dab to your index finger, and rub in small circles all around your lips. But be gentle — it doesn’t take much pressure to slough off those dead skin cells.

Choose the Right Cosmetic Products

Some lip plumpers may seem great because they give you more of a pout, but they tend to burn or sting the person laying a wet one on you. For a plump look with plenty of kissability, try applying a drop of clove oil on your lips a few times per week. This all-natural secret will bring out your inner A.J. without sending your suitors running with flaming lips. And not the cool band kind, either.

Include a Lip Moisturizer in Your Bedtime Routine

Your mom probably always told you to brush your teeth and say your prayers before you go to bed. But she left one important thing out — put a moisturizing cream or balm on your lips. Our lips tend to dry out while we sleep, especially if we’re breathing through our mouths. Applying a layer of balm or cream before you get your beauty sleep creates a protective barrier to keep moisture in.

Pencil Yourself In

Pencils aren’t just for paper anymore. Lip pencils are a great way to extend the life of your lipstick applications and give your lips a big volume boost. Using a neutral shade, softly outline the outside edges of your lips. Your lips will look fuller and retain color for longer.

If you’d like more professional tips on lip care and lip makeup, make an appointment with one of our makeup artists.

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