Peel off the army green. Put away the navy. Summer may not officially be here until June 21, but we’re calling it early with a sample of the season’s must-have manicure colors. Below, our nail stylists list their five favorite shades for everything under the sun.

1. Creamy Citrus

Brights are back in a big way, but this summer’s versions come with a twist: an almost pastel-like lightness that gives the colors a milky sheen. The effect is most striking with citrus hues, so look for something especially punchy; Essie’s Chillato has a lemon-lime edge, and Resort Fling feels like an ice-creamy orange.

2. Coral Red

Think of this one as your daiquiri shade. The right-now reds are a riff on both vacation-ready coral and classic crimson, so they amp up the drama without treading into any of that cool-weather richness. OPI’s Aloha is the one to wear – it strikes just the right balance between orange and red – but Julep’s Sydney is a slightly brighter option.

3. Pale Blue

We’re taking major inspiration from morning skies and boardwalk views here. Though blue is basically the signature color of summer, this year’s take is barely there: a toned-down version of the electric cerulean you’ve been wearing forever. Try Essie’s Saltwater Happy for the most vacation-on-the-Atlantic results, or paint on RGB’s Pool for the faintest hit of gray.

4. Translucent Neutral

Nothing freshens up that summer heat quite like a crisp white or beige. The newest neutrals take it one step further by pulling back the pigment and letting the shade stay sheer as linen. The best off-whites belong to Essie’s Marshmallow and RGB’s Taken, but you can add a touch more color with Formula X’s Blushy Remarkable or Deborah Lippmann’s Bare Beige.

5. Shocking Pink

Elsa Schiaparelli would be all over this one. Though the latest hotter-than-hot fuchsias aren’t quite the same as the fashion designer’s iconic color, the inspiration is tough to ignore. Plus, the hues are way more wearable than you’d expect. We’re especially fond of OPI’s That’s Berry Darling and Essie’s Bottle Service; they both make major statements without going gaudy.

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