We’re halfway through 2016, and every fashionista and beauty guru out there is trying to predict the trends to come. Recently, InStyle featured an article predicting that the 80s look will come back with a vengeance. InStyle isn’t alone in that prediction — in fact, GQ, The Huffington Post, and Good Housekeeping have all predicted an 80s trends comeback in fashion, hair, makeup, or all of the above.

So are they right? Should you whip out your leg warmers and purple eye shadow yet? Our verdict is a resounding “yes.” Here’s what you can look forward to as 2016 becomes the new 1985.

The Undercut is no Underdog

The undercut was all the rage in the eighties — remember Cyndi Lauper’s ultra-cool cuts? Now, shaved necks and sides coupled with a longer style on top are hot again. If you really want to go retro trendy, have your stylist shave designs into the area of your hair that’s close-cropped.

With Makeup, More is More

The wisdom of the 2000s was to pick one feature of the face and play it up with color. But, in keeping with the wisdom of the decade of excess, the more features you can emphasize with makeup, the better! Lips, cheeks, eyes — say goodbye to subtlety. Think of the full face makeup look of the stars from “Dallas” for inspiration. Liv Tyler also recently rocked this look on the red carpet.

Bust Your Bleach out of Gel (Get It?)

The 80s were full of blonde, gelled pixie cuts. Think Madonna, Annie Lennox, and Billy Idol. We expect this cut to rear its beautiful platinum head later in 2016. Get your bleach and L.A. Looks hair gel ready to go for a true 80s throwback!

Eyeshadow for Days

We first saw the elongated-shadow look on 80s stars like David Bowie and actress/supermodel Grace Jones. Today, you can see the look on Tyra Banks and other fashion-forward stars. To get this look, use a stiff, angled brush to apply shadow from your eyelashes to just above your brow bone. The finishing touch? Two heavy coats of mascara.

Ready for your 80s hair and makeup makeover? Schedule an appointment with one of our stylists to stay one step ahead of a trend that’s right around the corner.

Image provided by Thinkstock