moustachesEvery November, guys all over the world unite in a single mission: to show their support for men’s health issues by growing some of the most epic moustaches this side of Tom Selleck. To help you keep it classy all the way to November 30, we’ve put together a list of commandments for every newly mustachioed man. Go forth, and conquer Movember.

1. Thou shalt choose the style beforehand.

From John Waters-inspired pencils to full-on Fu Manchus, anything goes, but knowing where you’re headed keeps your grooming techniques on point.

2. Thou shalt not chicken out.

Listen carefully: The first week will be awkward. There’s no avoiding it. Just keep trimming, and the new growth will eventually settle into a Selleck-worthy look.

3. Thou shalt adopt a routine.

Mustaches are a commitment. In order to bask in their full glory, give yourself enough extra time in the mornings or evenings to treat them right.

4. Thou shalt pronounce thee pride and groom.

There’s nothing worse than an unruly ‘stache. Stick to proper grooming habits every day, and your pride will pay off in spades.

5. Thou shalt invest in a quality shampoo.

Speaking of grooming habits, you know that you have to wash that thing, right? Ditch the bar soap in favor of a gentle shampoo. It’ll keep both your facial hair and skin in shape.

6. Thou shalt condition like a champ.

Coarse hair needs special care. Once your ‘stache has grown in, run a quarter-sized dollop of conditioner through it every time you shampoo. You could also try a leave-in conditioner if your hair is especially brittle.

7. Thou shalt trim, baby, trim.

The frequency will depend on which look you’re going for, but the techniques are similar across the board. Always trim damp hair using a comb for guidance, and do a clean shave around the style for ultimate precision.

8. Thou shalt use the correct tools.

Those junk-drawer scissors aren’t going to cut it. Invest in barber-quality tools like trimming sheers, fine-tooth combs, beard clippers and moustache waxes to take your look to the next level.

9. Thou shalt eat with care.

We’re not saying you can’t dive into messy tacos and frothy cappuccinos with the same vigor as a clean-shaven man. Just glance in the mirror after a meal to make sure you’re not leaving any tidbits behind.

10. Thou shalt go with the flow.

Maybe that handlebar ‘stache ended up looking more creepy than it did cool. Just keep on keeping on – it’s for charity after all – and look forward to the great shave on December 1. At least you’ll get some hilarious pictures out of the deal.