naughty or niceWe’re making our lists, checking them twice and finding out who’s naughty or nice. Where have your skin and hair routines landed you this year? Our specialists are here to give you the holiday scoop.

Nice: You cleanse your skin every night before bed.

Whether you’ve always stuck to a nightly routine or just recently saw the never-sleep-in-your-makeup light, kudos to you for getting those pore-clogging products off your face before you hit the hay. You’ve successfully avoided tons of unnecessary wrinkles and breakouts.

Naughty: You don’t actually sleep enough.

We totally understand: There never seem to be enough hours in the day. Skimping on that shut-eye, however, could be contributing to skin dullness, under-eye circles and even free-radical generation. Hit the snooze button tomorrow if you don’t want a lump of coal in your stocking.

Nice: You use thermal protectant before styling your hair.

Heat tools are like manna from heaven, but they can do major damage to your carefully tended tresses. You already know that, of course, which is why you never touch a straightener without spritzing on a healthy dose of heat protection. Keep it up, smarty.

Naughty: You towel-dry with major aggression.

Towel-drying is one of the most misunderstood processes when it comes to at-home hair care. The trick is to blot rather than rub; too much intensity can damage the cuticle, dull your shine and contribute to breakage. Save the aggression for your cardio routine, and take it a little easier with the towel from now on.

Nice: You never skip the broad-spectrum sunscreen.

Those UVB rays can’t keep you down. You refuse to hit either the boardroom or the beach without a coating of broad-spectrum sunscreen, and that’s how your skin stays so absolutely luminous. Plus, your risk for developing skin cancer is significantly lower. Santa is so proud.

Naughty: You always forget to exfoliate.

While it’s not as important as sunscreen, exfoliation is among the best ways to ditch that blotchy, coarse or dull skin. Regular treatments can slough off dead cells and reveal the fresh face you’ve been accidentally hiding for years, so tack a few facials onto your 2015 resolutions.

Nice: You don’t wash your hair every day.

Does this one seem like it should be on the naughty list? You get bonus nice points for knowing the truth: that everyday shampooing can actually do more harm than good. Because the natural oils in your scalp are a perfect conditioner, washing too often strips your hair of that moisturizing boost. If you’re aiming for every other day, you’ve got an extra present under the tree.

Naughty: You tried to lift dark color yourself.

This one can rocket you to the top of the naughty list if you’re not careful. Due to the intricacies of color, lightening dark hair is a process best left to the professionals. We’ll give you a pass this year, but schedule a one-on-one session next time you need to go from brunette to blonde.

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