nw season, new color imageIt’s a tale as old as time: When spring rolls around, even the most devoted blondes and forever redheads start itching for an updated look. Ready to transform your tresses from same old to something new? Check out these how-to tips before you take the plunge.

1. Analyze your skin tone.

Though it’s definitely not the only thing that makes or breaks a hair color, knowing your skin tone is crucial to finding a shade that doesn’t overpower your features. Warm palettes do well with creamy blondes and golden browns, but cooler skin can handle almost-black chocolates and ash-infused platinums. If you’re unsure about a color, hold a swatch against your face to see how it changes the undertone.

2. Consider your closet.

This may sound crazy, but hear us out: Taking a look at your wardrobe can help you uncover which colors are calling — or absolutely not calling — your name. For example, if you offset your amber locks with a closet of black threads, you might want to avoid going several shades darker; the total look could come off more severe than it has in the past. On the other hand, if you find yourself gravitating toward gold jewelry and warm neutrals, you might look fab as a butter-gold blonde.

3. Scope out the seasonal trends.

We tend to believe that gorgeous hair color is timeless, but it never hurts to know which shades and techniques feel especially of the moment. Ombre, for instance, isn’t quite as hot as it was last year, and ice-white blonde is hitting the streets in a major way. Don’t be afraid to ignore the trends — classic looks are always in style — but you might just uncover something that inspires the new you.

4. Take bold ideas for a test drive.

Not quite sure how those edgy highlights will work with your overall look? Try a bright gloss in a wash-out formula, or invest in clip-in extensions to test out the options. It’s an incredible way to dip your toes into an out-there idea without having to live with candy-pink streaks for the next several months.

Can’t wait to greet spring with a new shade? Book an appointment with the stylists at Bella Vita to find the look that’ll get you ready for warmer temps.