Last month, Lauren Conrad took the classic and popular french manicure and turned it on its head — literally — by rocking a reverse french mani and showing off her engagement ring. Immediately it became a hot fashion trend that women across the country and dying to try. But what is a reverse French manicure? And how should you wear it this holiday season?

What is a Reverse French Manicure?

For years the French manicure has been a staple of nail salons across the country. The stylist starts with a white base coat and then covers over it with a light pink or neutral colored top coat, leaving only the top of the nail exposed. This creates the illusion of white half-moons long the top while the rest of the nail is plain.

The reverse mani follows the same application steps, except the bottom of the nail is exposed and the top is covered. This creates the impression of half-moons (or little curves) along the nail bed while the top is a solid color.

How Stylists are Getting Creative With It

While the original purpose of the French manicure might have been to give the impression of perfectly rounded white tips, the reverse French mani allows the wearer to get creative. In fact, the only rule is that the two colors contrast each other enough so you can clearly see the difference between the two.

This has lead to stylists painting black moons underneath a coat of light pink, or gold moon underneath hot red nails. To jump on other fall trends, consider a gold base coat with a dark purple top coat for a royal look along your nails.

Making the Reverse French Manicure Your Own

If you’re feeling really experimental and want to buck the French manicure trend entirely, play with shapes and sizes of the half-moon to turn your nails into statement pieces. Some ladies are opting for triangles at the base of their nails or creating dramatic swooshes that reveal the bottom coat up the side of the nail. Fashion is all about embracing trends and tweaking them in your own way, so you can do just about anything with this look as long as you’re working with two different coats.

If you want to rock a reverse French manicure the way Lauren Conrad does this holiday season, make an appointment with our manicurist today.

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