In Miami, we don’t exactly have to get bundled up for the holidays. While we have no complaints about being able to wear minis on New Year’s Eve without getting frostbite on our nether regions, more exposed skin means there’s no hiding pastiness. Whether you’re heading to the beach for the holidays, working the holiday party circuit, or just getting ready for a Christmas photo with the fam, getting a spray tan will help you look your best.

Spray Before You Vacay

If you have a tropical vacation planned around the holidays, you don’t want people on the beach to think you’re Edward Cullen your first day there. One of the best ways to prepare for a beach vacation is to spray tan beforehand. You can still get plenty golden through your spray tan, and you won’t blind the other beachgoers for life with your Casper-colored skin in the meantime.

If you’re worried about streaks, just make sure you stay out of the pool/ocean until your tan has set properly. Also, look for a sunscreen that’s compatible with spray tans — avoid any that are alcohol or oil based.

Preparing for Your Spray Day

Don’t apply any tanning products the two weeks prior to spray tanning. Also make sure to exfoliate your entire body for two weeks beforehand. This will remove any dead skin cells that are lurking about so the tanning product will go on smoothly. Finally, during those two weeks, make sure you moisturize like crazy. The more hydrated your skin is, the longer your spray tan will last. Well-moisturized skin will also help your tan fade evenly.


If you have a big holiday event coming up, make sure you spray tan a day or two before. This ensures your tan is fully set but still fresh. Remember not to get your skin wet, especially from sweating, for 12 hours after your spray tan. For the first few days, also don’t apply shower gel with anything but your hands — no loofahs, body brushes, etc. — so you don’t rub your tan off.

With these tips, you’ll even make gingerbread men jealous of your sexy brown color. Be sure to schedule your full- or half-body spray tan in plenty of time for the holidays by making an appointment today.

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