Spring is one of the most beautiful seasons in Miami, but we’re already starting to feel the heat of summer creeping in. Women across the area have been requesting Spring cuts to lighten their hair and keep cool as the days get longer.

One hot trend that more people are asking for is bangs, from dramatic side sweeps to straight-edge cuts across the forehead. Here are a few hot trends to consider when you sit in the salon chair this Spring.

Edginess is In

Fashion trends in 2017 are all about dramatic looks and sharp angles. Women are owning their space and choosing looks that make a statement as soon as they enter the room. If you typically have a soft face of complexion, add some edge to your look with a row of bangs creating a natural break in your forehead. Ask our stylists about asymmetrical options to further draw attention to your eyes and face.

You can always pin them back to regain that softness, but if you’re looking for edge, this is one of the easiest ways to get it.

Bangs Don’t Have to Touch Your Eyes

A few years ago, women across the world rocked long bangs that seemed to hide their eyes. While this is a classic look at adds an air of mystery, more celebrities and fashionistas are opting for short bangs — or baby bangs — that barely cover the forehead.

These bangs don’t require as much maintenance as the longer options, plus you can let them grow out to the traditional length if you’re not happy with the look. Even Beyonce is rocking baby bangs, so you know they’re a hot trend right now.

Combine Your Bangs With a Bob

If you’re looking for a cool cut for Spring and are considering bangs, why net get creative with the clippers and try a completely new look? Instead of wearing long hair with your bangs, why not go short and try a bob?

There are plenty of bob options, from linear and edgy to round and flowy that can work for your hair type, you just have to find the style that matches your face and personality.

If you’re ready to revolutionize your look for Spring, make an appointment today. Our stylists can recommend the right bangs, bob, and cut for your lifestyle, so you’ll enjoy the beautiful Miami weather with style and confidence.

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