headband stylesBlair Waldorf may have brought headbands back to the fashion forefront when “Gossip Girl” first hit the scene several years ago, but let’s be serious: We never stopped loving these little wonders. Not only do they tame terrible hair days and offer a little respite for in-between lengths, but they’re also an ultra-genius way to add a pop of panache to your everyday look. How to pull them off without channeling that goody-two-shoes vibe? Here are a few foolproof tricks straight from the pros at Bella Vita.

1. Don’t worry about perfection.

If you spend more than a few minutes placing and replacing the thing, trust us: You’re overthinking it. The beauty of headbands is that they turn imperfectly tousled locks into perfect works of art within 10 minutes or less. Our go-to method? Spritz a little saltwater spray or dry shampoo into your hair, flip your head upside down to texturize, and then slip the headband about two inches from your forehead. You could tease at the crown for a little extra oomph, but that step’s completely optional. Effortless is the name of the game here.

2. Play around with parts and placement.

Don’t get stuck in that two-inches-back rut. One simple placement shift can make a major style impact, and even a tiny part adjustment has the ability to completely reframe your face. Try a messy center part with the headband in the middle of your forehead for a Coachellae-inspired attitude, or slide a sleek, wavy part slightly to either side with the band just at your hairline for some flapper-centric flair. Anything goes, so play around to see what works.

3. Make width your new best friend.

The size of your headband is just as important as how you style it. The trick here is to pay attention to proportions. Think of it like you would any makeup look; just as bright eyes work best with neutral lips, wider bands make the most sense with simpler hairstyles. Large athletic bands, for instance, look killer with slicked-back ponytails, and slinkier options are the perfect pair-ups for delicate curls. Don’t be afraid to mix it up – wild hair can certainly work with a wide band if the balance is right – but try to avoid the too-much-to-look-at trap.

Still not sure you’re nailing the concept? Make an appointment with the stylists at Bella Vita for a one-on-one appointment. You’ll be living la vida Blair Waldorf in no time.