frizzy hair

Cursed with frizz-prone hair? Do you fear humid days like most fear avian flu or the apocalypse? Those are bad, bad days for us frizzy-haired girls. We usually look like some bizarre, cross-species lovechild of The Lion King and Hermione Granger in the first Harry Potter. Sadly, we don’t have sorcery at our disposal to de-frizz our manes. But these four styling hacks for frizz are almost as good.

Hydrate with the Equivalent of Gatorade for Your Hair

The culprit behind most frizz is dry hair. Dry hair gets hella thirsty and starts soaking up the humidity in the air like an out-of-shape 5K runner at the Gatorade station. The dryer your hair is, and the more humid that air is, the uglier things get.

The first step to hydrating is using a mega-moisturizing shampoo and conditioner. Avoid anything that says “volumizing” like the plague — that just means poofier frizz for girls like us. Next, style wet — like, really wet — hair with silicone-based serum. Serum is like a snake charmer for your otherwise unruly tresses.

Burn Your Bath Towel

OK, that’s a little dramatic…you don’t have to burn it. But you can’t use it on your hair. Bath towels have thick, absorbent fibers that can damage hair when it’s wet and fragile. Instead, try using a t-shirt or pillowcase. You knew that old NSYNC t-shirt would come in handy someday…

Your Dreams of Air-Drying One Sweet Day Are Officially Over

It’s harsh, but air-drying is just not in the cards for you. Air-drying frizz-prone hair causes it to absorb ridiculous amounts of humidity. And we all know what happens when the “H” word rears its ugly head. Your goal is to get from wet to dry as quickly as possible. You lay down the cuticle quickly that way, giving it zero breathing room to go its own way.

Cool It, Literally

Cooler temperatures help to seal off the hair cuticle so it doesn’t get ideas of its own later. Once you seal it properly, it’s less open to humidity. There are two ways to do this. First, rinse out your conditioner with the coldest water you can take. Second, after you blow dry, finish with a shot of cool air to keep that cuticle in line all day.

There are plenty more tips where that came from. Make an appointment with the styling team at Bella Vita Salon & Spa for more help on fighting the frizz.

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