Faded hairstyles are great for summer. You’re diving into the ocean or laying in the sun, and there’s nothing a strategically-selected Instagram filter can’t fix. However, now that it’s getting cooler, your once carefree locks could look brittle and unkempt. It’s time to upgrade your look for fall. Here are four ways to upgrade your hair for fall to embrace the season of change.

Add Face-Framing Highlights to an Otherwise Darker Color

Most people change their hair to a darker color during fall and winter, and it’s possible to do that without losing the light sun-kissed look that you enjoy. Celebrities like Chrissy Teigen are lightening the locks around their face to create a natural glow, while still going a shade darker on their hair. This is a great look for a night out, and then can be professionally pulled back in the office.

Don’t Be Afraid to Show Your Roots

Most customers who color their hair spend their time trying to hide their roots. When they’re not well maintained, roots can make your hair look outgrown and messy. However, it’s becoming more common for celebrities to show their roots intentionally as a way to balance their lighter hair with a darker shade for fall. Emma Roberts is just one example of this, and you can see that the roots help frame her face.

Go Dark and Go Blue

This year saw an explosion of color in hairstyle trends. From rainbow hair to light purple and dip dyes, women are breaking out of the traditional hair colors and expressing themselves however they want. However, it’s possible to experiment with color while still looking professional if your job isn’t thrilled with rainbow hair. Consider dying your hair dark this fall with blue tints. This creates a shine that’s almost black, but still has intrigue without making your face too sharp — like the styles Nicole Richie and Katy Perry have.

Play Up Your Natural Red Shades

Fall and winter are the best seasons for redheads, and you can make a statement this year by playing up your natural colors. Redheads with more orange-toned hair should continue to add orange undertones to their look, making your natural color work for you. Meanwhile, pink redheads can either lighten their hair or go darker with a dark bombshell look.

Fall is a great time to experiment with darker shades to see what gives your hair a wow-factor. Be sure to call Bella Vita Salon & Spa to schedule your fall dye appointment today!

Image provided by Thinkstock