Choosing the perfect outfit for Valentine’s Day and deciding how you want to wear your hair is only the first step. While you want to wow him the moment the door opens, you need to keep your manicure in mind. After all, he might be waiting for the most romantic day of the year to pop a certain question, so you need to make sure your nails look nice for the occasion. Here are a few hot nail trends that Hollywood starlets are embracing that you can try on February 14th.

Silver is the New Glitter

Everyone wanted sparkly colors last year, from glittery clothes to nails to eye shadow! While many women are still adding a little glitter to their lives on occasion, we’re seeing a lot more fashionistas rocking silver and chrome nails.

Silver polish by itself can be harsh and make you look like a robot, so consider trying a reverse French-manicure instead, which incorporates that shiny silver color but breaks it up with another more neutral one. You can also contrast the light silver polish against black or navy with shapes or slashes across your nail. This will give you more flexibility when choosing an outfit.

It’s Okay to Get Graphic

Your nails don’t have to compliment the rest of your outfit; they can be a statement piece that you base your look off of instead. Designers like Christian Siriano and Jeremy Scott are adding graphic prints and shapes to the nails of their models, drawing attention right to the fingertips.

For Valentine’s Day, get creative with pens, stickers, and shapes. The now popular, Betty and Veronica nail design by Rachel Antonoff is a cute and fun way to celebrate Valentine’s Day while ensuring your manicure matches your red or little black dress.

Use Negative Space to Show Your Natural Nail

You don’t have to paint your entire nail to get a unique style. Many celebrities have started playing with negative space by only painting part of the nail or taping lines over their nails before painting so their natural skin color skins through. Instead of choosing pink or beige as your base color, you’re letting your actual nail hue shine. created a whole guide to negative space to inspire your own nails.

Even if you’re proudly single this Valentine’s Day and spending the holiday with your friends, make sure you celebrate love with these fun and exciting new nail trends. Make an appointment today, as we tend to get booked full before the holiday.

Image provided by Thinkstock