We love talking about fall fashion trends, but many customers are apprehensive about trying some of the more dramatic colors. While most women aren’t afraid to experiment with various pinks and reds, they’re lost when it comes to matching purples and browns with their skin tone. To assist in the decision-making process, follow these steps to pick the perfect shades for fall.

Know Your Undertone

How do you know if a lipstick color is going to look amazing on you before you pick it up? Check to see if it compliments your undertone. People with cool undertones tend to be fairer and burn before they tan, while those with warm undertones have golden or olive skin. Ladies with cool undertones should try to avoid orange shades and lighter options and instead opt for darker tones and deep reds. For ladies with warm undertones, it’s the opposite. This creates a contrasting effect that makes your lips pop.

Match Shades to Your Lips Natural Color

Not all women have easily identifiable undertones, and some lucky women might have neutral undertones that look good in multiple colors. The next step in choosing colors based on your face is to match them to your lips. Women with pale lips look better in cherry and coral shades, while reddish lips pair with oranges and cranberries. Women with darker lips should choose brick reds and burgundy.

Remember, if you choose a shade that’s too dark for your skin tone or lips, you could end up aging yourself and looking scary to the people around you. When in doubt, ask for a second opinion.

It’s Okay to Match Colors With Your Outfits

The goal of this article isn’t to box you into certain colors that you will stick with forever, but rather to give you the tools to find the right color pallets that can look great with almost any outfit. For example, purple is a hot lipstick color for fall, whether you’re matching your lips to a hot new dress or contrasting them against a gray sweater and jeans. While darker or lighter purples might look better on your face, don’t be afraid to choose a contrasting color that completes an outfit. After all, fashion is all about breaking the rules.

If you’re looking to find the perfect makeup look for an event this fall, make an appointment with us today. We can make sure your hair, nails, and lips are on trend and perfect for your skin tone.

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