hair color for skin tone

Imagine P!nk platinum blonde on Selma Hayek. Or Halle Berry brunette on Emma Stone. Every woman we just mentioned is a bombshell. But paired with the wrong hair color, they’re more disaster than diva. The moral of the story: hair color and skin tone should complement each other, not clash.

Either You’re Hot or You’re Cold, You’re Yes or You’re No

Before we get too carried away with our Katy Perry sing-a-long, we’ll break it down for you: skin tones are either warm or cool. Which category you fall into will determine the hair colors that best suit you.

To figure it out, wash your face and stand in a room with natural light. First hold yellow and red pieces of paper next to your face, then white, silver, green, and blue. If red and yellow look great next to your skin, you’re warm. If the other colors bring out the best, you’re mostly cool-toned.

Dark and Warm: The First Lady

If your skin color is close to Michelle Obama’s, darker, richer shades with a warm hue will look beautiful on you. Remember to stay within two shades of your natural color to avoid looking fake. Try a deep auburn brown, and don’t forget to pair it with your First-Lady-caliber biceps.

Pale and Cool: a La Edward Cullen

Think of Nicole Kidman. Usually, women with this coloring will have green or blue undertones, which means they need some warmth to even them out. A rich, golden blonde is the perfect summer color to balance these fair-skinned women out.

Medium and Warm: Think Zooey Deschanel

If you’re right in the middle with warmer tones, try a deep chocolate brunette. Women with this coloring tend to have lighter eyes, and the deep color will make their eyes pop. To really complement your coloring, try medium-brunette highlights.

Medium and Cool: The Gorgeous Mrs. Timberlake

Jessica Biel is blessed with a medium complexion and cooler tones, which looks amazing with caramel-colored hair. Beware of ultra-light hair shades that will make your skin look dull, as well as super-dark shades that will draw out dark under-eye circles.

No matter what your skin tone, you can find the perfect hair color. Warm or cool, fair or dark, your hair color can bring out the best in your complexion this summer. For expert advice on the best hair color for your complexion, book an appointment at Bella Vita Salon & Spa.

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