fall nail colors

Everyone knows fall means a new color palette. Even the trees are on board with that rule. Every year, cooler weather brings exciting new colors en vogue for clothes, nail polish, shoes, eyeshadows…you name it. Here are our five fall favorite nail polish colors for your next mani.

Game of Chromes (We’re Suckers for a Clever Name)

This gel nail polish reminds us of looking into a flute of champagne — shimmery, golden, and enticing. Sally Hansen’s “Game of Chromes” is neutral enough to look good on almost any skin tone. Best of all, this is a no-cure gel polish. That means you get all the benefits of a gel mani without any base coats or UV lights. Even Cersei and Daenerys would be jealous.

Plum Wine: You Won’t Want to Run Plumb Out of This Color

The only thing better than drinking plum wine is seeing its deep purple shine on your nails. Plum is huge in general this fall, from plum eyeshadow to plum highlights. This shade is especially striking on fair skin because of the contrast, but it suits just about everyone.

All Nude…Except for the Pearls

We’re loving the clever concept of Uslu Airlines nail polishes — each one is named after an airport code. Their subdued “DLL” is the ideal shade to appease the office dress code with a little bit of secret flair. DLL looks like a plain old nude at first glance. But, if you look closer, you’ll see little glimmers of crushed mother of pearl.

The Brady Bunch’s Countertops

This fall, the 70’s are back, at least for your nails. Remember that super groovy orange on the Brady Bunch’s kitchen table and countertops? Well, a color just a bit more rust-looking is the new nail chic this season. Think along the lines of Velma from Scooby Doo’s sweater. Sonia Kashuk makes a great variation of this shade called “Dyno-Mite.”

Mr. Gray Will See You Now

If we made nail polish, that’s what we could call our shade of dark gray. Grays as deep and dark as Christian are all the rage this fall. Some call it “army gray,” while the always clever Essie line calls their cool gray polish “Cashmere Bathrobe.”

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Image provided by Thinkstock.