As New York Fashion Week debuted its fall looks, fashion enthusiasts all over the world prepared to embrace this year’s trends. What was out of style that’s now back? What new trends are taking the fashion industry by storm? We’re ready to answer all of your questions and more so you can ready to rock the runway (or at least the sidewalk) this fall.

The Gothic Look is Back

We’ve seen a few fashion trends from the 90s pop back this year — like Taylor Swift wearing a choker necklace every once in awhile — so it’s no surprise that that bad girl goth look is back. Nails and makeup took on dark shades as the models walked the runway, commanding attention to their lips and fingertips. The goth look also extends to hair, with models wearing dark to pitch black locks with edgy cuts.

Off the runway, you can pair this look with neutral colors and pastels to balance the hard edge with soft clothes. This turns your gothic look from a night out into a day look for the office.

Go Bold With Statement Eyebrows

Instead of plucking eyebrows into dainty curves or wisps that are barely there, models at New York’s Fashion Show sported thick eyebrows that were colored to match (or directly contrast) their hair. Keep in mind, these eyebrows aren’t overgrown, they’re carefully shaped to make a statement and provide balance to the face.

This is a look that you can easily create too by letting your eyebrows grow naturally and sculpting them to create an edgy look to your soft face.

Add a Little Glitter to Everything

Glitter was everywhere this past NYFW, from the subtle sheen of eye shadow and sparkles adding a unique glow to the face to glitter on the shoes, the nails, and the clothes of all the models. Everyone wanted to shine, and everything had some show to it. This is a trend we can definitely get behind. After all, who doesn’t want to sparkle?

To create this look at home, start with a glittery eye shadow and expand it into your wardrobe. Use as much as you want, but remember: less is more.

Are you ready to match any of these styles to your fall fashion choices? Do you want an endy black cut or amazingly sculpted brows? Contact Bella Vita Salon and Spa today and meet with our stylists to learn what’s right for you.

Image provided by Thinkstock