vacation makeup without the vacation imageHere’s a confession: We’re constantly searching for ways to score a little vacation-glow envy without having to shell out for an island getaway. If you’re craving that just-back-from-Barbados look but can’t find the time to actually go to Barbados, these tips will have you scoring those “you look so relaxed!” compliments left and right.

Start with a facial.

Most people exude an air of serenity right after an amazing trip, and nothing recreates that rejuvenation better than a spa session. Refresh your palette — and your senses — with a European facial or custom mask. You’ll be glowing like a getaway goddess in no time.

Sneak in for a tanning session.

Of course, no vacation is complete without that just-bronze-enough patina. Even if you haven’t actually seen the sun for weeks, you can go beyond the pale with a full-body spray tan that screams tropical trip. Plus, it’s way less harmful than soaking up those UV rays.

Choose a creamy base.

Matte foundations tend to age and flatten even flawless skin. Get glowing with a moisturizing base designed to stay semi-dewy. You’ll radiate the fresh, youthful vibe that comes from weeks of hanging out on the beach.

Conceal the imperfections.

Dark circles and puffy eyes? Unless you’ve been partying on Ibiza since December, those won’t be the cornerstones of your just-home look. Hide the dead giveaways that you’ve been holed up in the office for weeks by using a yellow-orange concealer to smooth away circles and an eye cream formulated to reduce everyday puffiness.

Go easy with color.

When your skin’s looking so post-vacay fab, you don’t need to go overboard with vibrant hues. Stick to a swipe of bright lipstick with barely done eyes — it’s got that Brazilian attitude we’re loving right now — or use mascara and a brush of brow highlighter to make your lids pop. The trick is to recreate the makeup you’d actually wear on vacation, so peek into your travel staples for authentic ideas.

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