Halloween Make-up

If you’re a true Halloween enthusiasts — we’ll call ourselves “Halloweenies” — just throwing on a costume doesn’t do the day justice. To die-hard Halloweenies, October 31st is more than a haunted holiday; it’s a ghoulish gala. This means you’d better be celebrating in a costume fit for the occasion, complete with uber-macabre makeup. Here’s a how-to for some of our favorite spooky makeup looks.

Wednesday Addams: If Your Makeup Is as Dark as Your Sense of Humor

Who wouldn’t want to channel everyone’s favorite underage female psychopath on Halloween? The great thing about the Wednesday look is its simplicity. All you’ll need is some black eyeliner, black lipstick, pale foundation, and, of course, a black soul.

First, draw in your eyebrows with some black shadow. For that classic I-never-sleep-because-I’m-a-freak look of Wednesday’s, dab your fingertip with brown or black eyeliner and brush the color on your inner lids and under-eye area. Next, use liquid eyeliner to draw a thin line on your upper and lower lids. The finishing touch is some black lipstick and braids, and you’re just as creepy and cooky as Wednesday ever was.

If Crusading against Evil Is More Your Thing…

For those of you who prefer truth, justice, and the American way to the dark side, we have something for you too. You can get a super-easy, good-guy look just by drawing on a superhero mask — think Robin or The Incredibles — with black eyeliner.

Draw the outline of your mask using a straight edge and white eyeliner first. Then just color it in with liquid black liner. Just be sure to have plenty of makeup remover on hand for later!

If You Wanna Get Witchy with It

A good witch costume never goes out of style, especially with perfect makeup. To get your witch on, apply lime green face paint over your face. Contour with a slightly darker green.

Apply an emerald green eye shadow at the corners of your eyes. Heavily apply black eyeliner to your top and bottom lids. Use an eyebrow pencil to draw in pronounced arches.

Finish by lining your lips with a purple liner and filling in the insides with a shimmering lavender eyeshadow. Even Elphaba herself would be fooled.

Looking for professional makeup tips for non-Halloween days? Make an appointment with one of our makeup artists.

Image provided by Thinkstock