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Bella Vita – “Beautiful Life”
Our name says it all. We invite you to come and relax, find your balance again, and enjoy unsurpassed personal service on your path to an even more beautiful life.


To request an appointment simply call us at (786) 429-1719.


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(786) 429-1719

Your Neighborhood Retreat Located in the Village of Palmetto Bay

15801 S. Dixie Hwy, #D Miami, FL 33157

Full Service Salon and Spa servicing Kendall, Palmetto, and Homestead FL

At Bella Vita, we invite you to indulge in a thoroughly harmonious and restorative full service salon and spa experience. Step out of the hectic, everyday world and enter our space where time stands still, and life is all about making you beautiful. Specially designed to soothe and balance body, mind and spirit, our luxurious salon includes a full service spa where every inch of you will be pampered, comforted and rejuvenated.

Whether you want a gorgeous new cut, hair color that lights up a room, or just a deep healing massage to restore your inner peace, our professional beauty experts can make it happen. Bella Vita Spa And Salon services include:

  • Hair treatments. Are you ready for hair that says it all? Your Bella Vita stylist will take the time to analyze the cut, color and condition of your hair before transforming it into the fabulous mane you’ve always dreamed of. Consultations are complimentary for all of our clients, so come visit us and find out exactly what would make YOU look amazing!
  • Nail treatments. Great nails are a breeze when you let us do the work! Your hands and feet will be treated to tender loving care that can include everything from a simple manicure, a nail repair or acrylic fillers to jazzy toe polish and paraffin hand and foot dips.
  • Skin treatments. It has been said that beauty is all about skin. Our skin treatments are specially designed to make your skin glow! A glycolic peel, microdermabrasion treatment or multivitamin facial can clear away dead skin and reveal the fresher, younger you that’s been hiding underneath.
  • Body treatments. Regular body care is essential for health and beauty. Treat yourself to a divine experience with a deep tissue massage that will release blocks and tension stored in the muscles and help your energy to flow freely.
  • Tanning treatments. Want to get the glow that only comes with a summer tan? Bella Vita offers tanning treatments that go easy on the skin. Do you have trouble tanning, or do you always burn? Our spray tanning sessions are a perfect solution for burn-free summer bronzing. Ready to be gorgeous? Contact Bella Vita right now and watch us make it happen!

Our salon offers you unsurpassed personal care and highly-attentive personal service. Our talented team of personal beauty care professionals are passionate about only one thing: making you look and feel beautiful.

Bella Vita means “beautiful life,” and that’s what you’ll be treated to on each and every visit. Soft lighting, luxurious surroundings and an ambiance of peace and well-being will enfold you, making it easy to let go of the stresses of daily life. Whether you are just beginning a beautiful life, or you want a life that’s even more beautiful, the pampering and personal care you’ll receive at Bella Vita will give you everything you need to walk the path of beauty with grace, style and ease.

“Your Neighborhood Retreat”

— Ruthie

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