Hair, Nail and Skin Products

Can the products you use really affect the health of your hair, skin and nails? Absolutely! Many people mistakenly believe that salon beauty products are exactly like drugstore products except they cost more. This could not be further from the truth. Drugstores and discount outlets specialize in discounted merchandise. They are committed to giving you low prices, not high-quality products. If you have used salon products in the past that did not deliver the results you wanted, you were probably prescribed the wrong products.

Professional, high-quality salon products are designed to keep your hair, skin and nail treatments looking fresh and beautiful between regularly scheduled appointments. Your Bella Vita beauty consultant can tell you exactly which salon products will work best for you, and you’ll be amazed by the results!

Only High-Quality Products Give High-Quality Results

The majority of inexpensive personal care products on the market today are loaded with dyes, preservatives, additives and other harmful ingredients that can do more harm than good. A lot of cheap shampoos, for example, are not much different than low-priced dish-washing detergents. They can dry out your hair, leaving it brittle, frizzy and unmanageable. Similarly, cheap hair conditioners can build up on the hair shaft, making hair greasy, weighted down and lifeless.

A common misconception is that so-called salon products, purchased from discount outlets, contain the same ingredients as true salon products. This is not always the case. Often, these look-alike products are actually watered down versions of the real thing. Sometimes the products were once high-quality, but their use-by date has expired, and that’s why they are sold at a discounted price.

Along with other high-quality products, Redken hair products purchased at a reputable, upscale salon contain natural, nourishing ingredients and are specially formulated for different hair types. The truth is that when you purchase hair, skin and nail products from a salon you trust, you can be sure that the items you purchase are, in fact, exactly what they claim to be.

Top-Of-The-Line Products for Skin, Hair and Nails

Bella Vita is an authorized distributor for a variety of high-quality salon products. The products we use and sell are all from top-rated and highly trusted brands such as:

  • Redken
  • OPI
  • Dermalogica
  • Redken for men
  • Copolla
  • Schwartzkopf
  • Excel
  • Tammy Taylor
  • C.N.D.
  • Essie

See And Feel The Difference

When you visit Bella Vita, you will be treated to natural, luxurious and beauty-enhancing products that deliver real results you can touch, see and feel. Have you ever noticed how salon products smell exceptionally delicious and how much softer and more manageable your hair is after an appointment? Ask your salon specialist to suggest the hair, skin and nail products that will deliver noticeable and visible results. Take them home, use them, and then decide for yourself. We think you’ll be exceptionally pleased with the results!