Bella Body Services

Massage and Spray Tanning Services

Whether you want to release stress and discover bliss with a soothing massage, take your tan to the next level, or experience the skin-smoothing magic of a full body scrub, Bella Vita upscale massage and tanning treatments offer something that’s just right for you.

Bella Vita Full Body Massage

Stress can wreak havoc with your entire body. It can weaken the immune system and take a serious toll on health and beauty. Fortunately there are proven ways to alleviate stress and restore your body, mind and spirit to a state of well-being. Body massage has long been recognized for its beneficial healing effects, and our therapeutic massage therapists know exactly how to lead you into a blissful state of deep relaxation.

  • One-hour Swedish massage $80
  • Half-hour Swedish massage $50
  • Deep tissue massage $85
  • Prenatal massage $85
  • Hot stone massage $120

Exfoliating Body Scrubs

Want to experience smooth, silky skin all over your body? A Bella Vita body scrub will do the trick.

  • One-hour full body sugar scrub $90
  • Half-hour legs/arms/chest scrub $45
  • Half-hour back scrub $50


Spray Tanning Treatments

If you burn easily, Bella Vita spray tanning is the ideal solution. Our spray tans deliver an authentic-looking tan with no risk of sunburn.

  • Full body spray tan $55
  • Half body spray tan $35
  • Four spray tanning sessions $220 (and your fifth session is free)

Tanning Bed Treatments

Prior to your tanning treatment, a Bella Vita skincare professional will analyze your skin to prevent burning and determine the safest way to achieve your desired tanning result. Unlike outdoor tanning, indoor tanning takes place in a controlled environment where it is possible to receive safe and even tanning. We carefully limit your exposure to UVA and UVB rays to create a safe and healthy base tan.

  • One session base bed $10
  • One session monster bed $20
  • Five sessions base bed $42
  • Five sessions monster bed $85
  • Ten sessions base bed $72
  • Ten sessions monster bed $150
  • 20 sessions base bed $100
  • One month unlimited sessions base bed $55 (with one free monster bed session)
  • Three months unlimited sessions base bed $135 (with three free monster bed sessions)
  • Upgrade with monthly package $10

Base bed tanning in the Sun Ergoline SS 240 is limited to 20 minutes and features 40 160-watt lamps. Monster bed tanning in the Sun Ergoline Classic 600 ultra turbo power bed is limited to 12 minutes and offers innovative tanning technology with 50 160-watt lamps in addition to facial tanners and shoulder lamps. VHR tanning lamps deliver the same proportion of UVA and UVB light as the sun.