Bella Nail Services

Nail Services

Well-groomed hands and feet not only look amazing, they also feel amazing! Show off your personal style with a Bella Vita manicure or pedicure that reflects your good taste. Sit back, relax, and let one of our expert nail technicians make your hands and feet look and feel as fabulous as the rest of you. Bella Vita hand and foot treatments are a quick and easy way to indulge your inner princess while reclaiming your well-being at the end of a long and crazy day.

Full Service Nail Care Salon

Whether you crave a fancy shellac gel manicure or just a quick change of polish, the Bella Vita nail technicians are always at your service. For an extra treat, try our paraffin dips for hands and feet. There is no easier way to smooth hands and feet while saying goodbye to rough, dead skin.nails

  • Manicure $15
  • Spa manicure $25
  • Shellac gel manicure $30
  • French manicure $20
  • Pedicure $30
  • Spa pedicure $40
  • Acrylic fills $25
  • Full set acrylic nails $45
  • Full set gel nails $50
  • Nail repair treatment $5
  • Polish change for hands $10
  • Polish change for feet $15
  • Paraffin dip for hands $10
  • Paraffin dip for feet $15

Bella Manicure

Our hands are constantly on display. We touch others with our hands, and we speak to others with our hands. Soft, smooth hands and beautiful nails never go out of style. Whether you like your nails short and neat or long, painted and exquisitely sculpted, the Bella Vita nail technicians can create a perfect look for you. Do your nails need some extra tender loving care? No worries. Our experienced nail technicians can smooth away all the rough edges with nail repair treatments and acrylic fills. Whether you want an elegant French manicure or a full set of natural-looking acrylic or gel nails, your can count on one thing: Your hands will look amazing.

Bella Pedicure

During the summer, there’s nothing that says beautiful more clearly than perfectly groomed toes. Wear your sandals and flip-flops 24/7, or kick off your shoes whenever the spirit moves you. With a Bella Vita pedicure, you’ll always have complete assurance that your feet will look as gorgeous and inviting as the rest of you.

It’s easy to ignore our feet during the winter months, but did you know that keeping feet and toenails in good condition year-round contributes to overall health? Ingrown nails, nail fungus, broken nails and rough skin can all be avoided with regular pedicures. Fabulous feet are always a great asset, regardless of the weather outside.