Head Into Summer with Your Best Face

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You might light up when you see your friends or get asked out on a date, but does your face reflect the glow you feel inside? Over time, skin cells build up on your face, leaving it looking dirty, gray, and old. You might feel radiant inside, but your outside could look aged.

A few skin treatments can help you look as good on the outside as you feel inside. Before you start your summer fun, come into Bella Vita to put your best face forward. Read more “Head Into Summer with Your Best Face”

Update Your Nails to Match the Upcoming Summer

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Summer is the season for bright colors, dramatic fashion, and experimenting with new looks. Nail shades that you might coyly put away during fall or winter seem exciting and perfect for your summer activities. No glitter is too much, no neon is too bright! Check out these four hot nail trends that you should try the next time you want something new. Read more “Update Your Nails to Match the Upcoming Summer”

Wedding Hair Ideas for the Whole Bride Tribe

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Congratulations on your engagement! Planning a wedding is simultaneously one of the most exciting and stressful times of your life. While some arrangements might not be that fun (like picking out chairs and tables) designing the bridal party is typically one of the bride’s favorite activities. Check out these three hairstyle ideas that your bridesmaids will love, and everyone in attendance will be wowed by. Read more “Wedding Hair Ideas for the Whole Bride Tribe”

Spring Pops of Polish

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It’s time to put away the dark purples and reds of winter and embrace the colors of Spring! Everywhere you look there are flower prints, shades of pink, and the colors of nature — and you can join them. Here are four hot nail trends to try this Spring to add color to your current style. Read more “Spring Pops of Polish”

3 Steps to Sport Shiny Hair

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We all dream about smooth, shiny hair that reflects the sun and gives you a halo around your face. Unfortunately, we often turn to heat as the primary method of getting our hair to do what we want. Blow dryers, straighteners, and curlers might provide a temporary solution, but at what cost? Even if you do look good, your hair will only last until your next shower — or until you step outside in the humid Miami climate. Read more “3 Steps to Sport Shiny Hair”