3 Steps to Sport Shiny Hair

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We all dream about smooth, shiny hair that reflects the sun and gives you a halo around your face. Unfortunately, we often turn to heat as the primary method of getting our hair to do what we want. Blow dryers, straighteners, and curlers might provide a temporary solution, but at what cost? Even if you do look good, your hair will only last until your next shower — or until you step outside in the humid Miami climate.

Fortunately, more permanent solutions that will treat your hair well without the heat.

Consider Redken Treatments

Redken offers multiple products that are meant to boost your hair’s health and make it look great. Not only do their products repair dry and damaged hair, but they can also treat dandruff and other undesirable scalp conditions.

One of the main reasons our customers reach for Redken is because it works on color-treated hair. You can use it without having to worry about washing your color down the drain.

Redken products strive to improve the health of your hair, which means the silk and shine you love will occur naturally instead of by force through a blow dryer.

Embrace Deep Conditioning

Most stylists swear by deep conditioning as an important tool for keeping hair smooth and shiny. Deep conditioners — like the ones Redken offers — work like a vitamin boost for your hair, moisturizing and hydrating your locks. The result (when done right) is silky hair without the brittle dryness that comes with straightening.

Christina at Naturally Curly created a guide to successfully deep conditioning. Set aside 15-30 minutes each week (no more) to deep condition your hair. Invest in a heat cap or warm up your conditioner and focus on the ends of your hair along with your roots.

Don’t Forget Your Routine Cuts

Your hairstylist is like your doctor or dentist. They can see problems that you might not be aware of. By scheduling regular trims, they will be able to make recommendations for treatment and observe how it’s working. For example, if you still have brittle hair after trying a deep conditioner, they may recommend a different product or leave-in oil.

These regular cuts also keep your hair silky and shiny. By removing dead-ends, your hair’s nutrients can focus on the new, healthy hair that looks amazing.

If you want your hair to look amazing and are tired of fighting with the blow dryer, make an appointment today to learn more about our hydrating options.

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