3 Top Hairstyles for Curly Gals

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Do you ever battle with your hair straightener and brush to tame your curly locks? Some women spend so much time treating their curly hair that they forget how amazing it can look when it’s left natural. So put down the straightener and get ready to turn heads with these three great options for women with curly hair.

Pull It Back Elegantly With a Half-Braid

Don’t feel like you’re limited to ponytails and full braids if you ever want to pull your curly hair back. Instead, embrace your curls while taming them with a half-braid. Braids are all the rage right now, whether you’re weaving one across your forehead or creating a mermaid tail down your back.

Consider half-braiding your hair to keep it out of your eyes and then letting your curls loose. Think of it like a natural headband that goes with every outfit.

Go Big With Volumized Curls

Your curls don’t have to be something you hide. Consider investing in a volumizing shampoo or conditioner and letting them loose! This is a great look for festivals or a night out before it gets too hot in the summer. Plus, when you wear your hair down, you never have to worry about pins coming undone or your updo getting messy. You’re able to relax and focus on the fun.

If you’re not seeing the curls you would like to see, talk to one of our specialists. We can find the right products and plan to get the light and bouncy locks you want, not the wavy mess you fear.

Use Side Bangs to Balance Straight and Curly

If you insist on picking up the straightener, consider getting side bangs that naturally flow into your curls. You can straighten your bangs in the morning, and they should take on a nice wave by the time you get to work or school. (This is one of the few instances where the Florida humidity can actually help your hair)!

This look can impress if you have your hair down, or you can try a side-ponytail to continue the flow of your bangs. This will create a layered waterfall look for your hair that is sure to turn heads.

Instead of wishing you could have straight hair, make women everywhere jealous of your natural curls! Make an appointment today for a summer cut and style so you can embrace your hair and shine with confidence.

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