Bachelorette Worthy Skin-Care Treatments

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Rachel’s season of The Bachelorette premiered this week with 26 men vying for her love. It’s no surprise that these guys are smitten, Rachel has bombshell looks and seems to glow under even the harshest set lights. How does she do it? It all comes down to good skin care. Here are three tricks to have radiant skin that brings gentleman callers to your door.

Look for Products with Added Nutrition

You feel energized and healthy after eating a salad or some fruit, and your skin responds the same way. Your face responds to the materials you put on it. For healthy skin, look for products that contain green tea or grape seed extract. You should also look for creams and washes that contain vitamins B, C, and D. This will give your skin a much-needed health boost and contribute to your glow.

While you’re looking for the right skin creams, try to avoid chemical bases that seem unfamiliar. In the same way that you should avoid eating processed foods, over-processed skin care is also a no-no. Instead, look for products that have a natural coconut oil base or other ingredients that you recognize.

Sunscreen Isn’t Optional

Treat your skin like a Fabergé egg. If you expose it to the elements, it’s likely to get damaged and crack. By covering your skin in a protective sunblock, you can face the elements knowing it won’t make you look older than you are. No one in their twenties wants to look like they’re passing forty.

You don’t have to wear a heavy cream that makes you smell like Banana Boat all day. Look for a sunscreen that is meant to be worn under makeup or odorless creams specifically made for your face.

Never Sleep in Your Makeup

Even after spending the night partying with her eligible bachelors, Rachel remembers to take off her makeup before going to bed. Failing to remove all of your makeup can clog your pores which can lead to pimples, and causes dry and flaky skin.

Even if you only sleep in your makeup a few times, the effects could last for a week. The makeup has potential to get all over your pillow, leaving you sleeping in dirty sheets every night. You will feel cleaner and look healthier if you remember to remove everything before bed.

If you wish your skin looked as amazing as Rachel’s, schedule a facial or peel at Bella Vita today. We can infuse your skin in vitamins and remove dead skin cells that clog your pores and age your skin.

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