Bangs: Take a Classic and Make it Modern

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Bangs were big a few years back then kind of fizzled. This season, bangs are back, big time, but with trendy, updated twists. The hottest styles right now take a timeless classic — bangs — and make it into a fresh, modern statement. Here are a few tips to help you get the right cut and right style for your bangs.

Go out with a Bang(s)

We knew blunt, straight-across bangs were officially back in business when we saw a Sports Illustrated swimsuit model rocking them recently. In doing so, she joined the stylish ranks of Taylor Swift and Tyra Banks, among others.

Blunt bangs work best on oval faces and will likely need a trim every two weeks or so. To style them, use a paddle brush to push them side to side and get them evenly placed on your forehead. When they’re almost dry, use the brush to turn them under at the ends just a smidge. Finish with a spritz of hairspray, and you’ll be totally bangin’.

Curtain Call

If you don’t have the face shape or hair texture to pull of blunt bangs, don’t despair. Curtain bangs are not only super chic right now, but they also look fantastic on the face shapes (think: rounder or wider faces) that can’t pull off the blunt look. We’ve seen these on J. Law before as well as Dakota Johnson.

To get this look, your bangs should be long and pushed to the side of your face. You can part them anywhere you want. When you blow dry curtain bangs, use a round brush to push them up. This will leave your curtains with plenty of volume and bounce.

Short, or Baby, Bangs

Short bangs are wildly trendy, but they can be tough to pull off. To rock the shorter bangs that Rooney Mara and Ginnifer Goodwin. Short bangs tend to make the face look rounder and wider, so bear that in mind before you make the cut. We like this look best with hair that’s chin-level length or shorter. You can go messy or neat with short bangs — the critical ingredient is confidence!

Now that you know which trendy bangs are for you, make sure your first cut and style are done to perfection with the right stylist. Make an appointment for a cut with us.

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