Beauty Trends That Made it from Last Year

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There are two kinds of beauty trends in this world. First, there are the trends whose death can’t come soon enough. Think “claw” nails and blue hair. Then, there are those rare trends that actually have staying power from one season to the next or even one year to the next. It’s at that point that it’s safe to say that we’re really onto something. That’s certainly the case with these fab beauty trends that made the cut—literally—from 2015 to now.

Long Live the Lob

It would probably be faster to name the actresses and models who DIDN’T sport lobs in 2015. The lob—or long bob, if you’ve been living in a Wi-Fi-less cave for several years—was downright ubiquitous on runways and red carpets last year. If you hopped on the lob wagon, we have good news for you—it’s still very much in.

This year, though, what we’re seeing is a slight twist on the traditional lob. If you want to keep your look trendy, try adding bangs. You can do longer, side-swept bangs like Emma Stone, or try straight, feathery bangs like Rashida Jones.

Hello, BoHo

We won’t be saying bye bye to BoHo hairstyles, especially festival braids, anytime soon. Festival season has officially arrived. That means low-may, summer-weather-friendly styles are the order of the day. Last year, you may have sported the fishtail, for example. This year, it’s all about putting a sassy spin on the uszh.

Try doing the half fishtail instead. Tie your hair at the nape of your neck and start a fishtail braid. About halfway down your pony tail, stop and hold the braid in place with an elastic band. This works for any length of hair past your shoulders.

Pastel Hair Headed for Muddy Waters

The pastel hair trend was just about done to death in 2015. It’s still going strong in 2016, but this year brings a fresh new spin on this color trend — murky pastels. To get an idea of what this looks like, picture all those pastel colors mixed together. Start with an ashy brunette base and then add soft pastel highlights here and there for a muted effect.

Whatever long-living hair trend you’d like to try, our stylists can help you get the look you want. Make an appointment to meet with one today.

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