Braid-Dos to Battle the Summer Heat

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The Miami summer is in full swing, and that means heat, humidity, and unbearable stickiness. Some women are tempted to cut off their long hair during these months or shave an undercut to stay cool. While these are great options if you’re looking for a dramatic solution, not everyone can handle such an extreme change.

If you want to stay cool this summer, check out these three ways to upgrade your braids. Your hair will still turn heads without making you sweat.

Braid Crown

If you spend most of your summer pushing your hair out of your face, consider weaving braids to make it more manageable without wrestling your hair into a bun or updo.

Depending on your skillset, either weave french braids along the side of your head and let them meet in a ponytail at the back of your head or create two stand-alone braids and then pin them back to create a crown.

The french braid option can also work for women who have short hair who might not be able to pull everything back into a bun or ponytail. With a few pins, your hair can turn into a braided crown.

Milkmaid Braid

Some ladies have so much hair that they still spend the summer sweating under a heavy ponytail. If you need your hair completely off your neck to keep cool, consider the milkmaid braid.

Start by splitting your hair down the middle and then forming two separate braids. Then, pull the braids up around your head to create a similar look as the braid crown. With a few strategically placed pins you should be able to confidently wear this style throughout the hot summer day without constantly dripping sweat from your neck.

Braids With Ribbons

If you worry that your braids are starting to get boring or are tired of the same weaves, use this style to add some color to your hair and accessorize. When you separate your hair into multiple parts, pin a ribbon into one of those parts and then braid your hair normally. This will add intrigue to your braid as the ribbon’s color will dive in and out of your hair.

This is also a great look for Pride Month if you want to add a touch of rainbow to your hair without dying to multiple colors.

If you want a hairstyle that you can braid throughout the summer, contact the stylists at Bella Vita today. We can create your perfect summer cut so you don’t feel hot without sacrificing your natural length.

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