Different Techniques for Your Gel Manicure

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Not only does a gel manicure last forever — it’s also amazingly versatile if you have a manicurist who knows her stuff. Spicing up a gel manicure is as easy as using different techniques. Depending on the technique your manicurist uses, you can have nails that are uber-classic or hot-and-trendy. Here are some fun techniques you might want to try out.

The Femme Fatale Version of the French Mani

The French manicure is, of course, a classic. It’s also a little…vanilla, shall we say? If you’re jonesing for something a little racier, try a black French matte with glossy black tips. The result is sexy, sophisticated form of nail art that is also trending right now. We like this look best on nails with squared-off tips.

Watercolors Aren’t Just for 3rd-Grade Art Class Anymore

You’ll really need a talented nail artist to get this look, but we think you’ll love the result. A watercolor gel manicure looks just like you would imagine — think back to those masterpieces you’d make for your mom to display proudly on the fridge, except good. And trendy instead of lame.

This technique requires your manicurist to blend multiple colors together on palette paper. Which colors you want to blend is up to you — we especially love the watercolor look with shades of blue.

This Is the Only Time Red Tape Is a Good Thing

Another gel mani trend we’ve recently seen on the runway is thin, red, glossy tips. Most of the models we’ve seen with this look have a beige or other neutral tone on the rest of the nail. The neutrality of the base color makes the daring splash of red at the tips even more striking.

To get this look, your manicurist will use pretty much the same technique we described with the French matte look. With the red-tape look, though, we recommend archway-shaped red tips rather than straight-across rectangles. If you want to be even bolder, try doing the strip of red above French-mani white tips.

Ready to see how these gel manicure techniques would turn out on your nails? Make an appointment with one of our experienced manicurists.

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